part-time study
Enrolment in units that would result in fewer than three credit points in one trimester is deemed to be part-time study.
Professional Development Unit
Postgraduate Education Loan Scheme
Postgraduate Education Loan Scheme
Plagiarism occurs when a person passes off as their own work, or copies without acknowledgement of its authorship, the work of any other person.
Programs used by web browsers to provide extra functionality to the user. Examples of browser plug-ins include Acrobat, Flash, QuickTime, etc.
A student who continues studies after graduating from an initial tertiary course. Courses of study where the completion of a prior university qualification (an approved undergraduate degree) is required, for example, at bachelor level.  Postgraduate courses include graduate certificates, graduate diplomas and higher degrees.
Performance Planning and Review
Practical work or practical sessions are a component of some units (and programs) that require laboratory, in the field or hands-on techniques.
precluded unit
A unit that a student is prevented from undertaking on the basis of prior knowledge and skills, and for which replacement studies (see alternative unit) are required. No advanced standing is granted for the unit.
Postgraduate Research Experience Questionnaire (survey)
One or more units of the University, or a subject or subjects of the Victorian Certificate of Education or equivalent, specified by the Faculty Board which must have been successfully completed before a student's enrolment in a particular unit or course offered by that faculty will be regarded as effective.
prospective student
prospective student or future student is someone who is interested in or likely to become a student at Deakin University at a future date
School of Psychology
Pro Vice-Chancellor

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