major sequence
A group of related units formally approved by the Academic Board, listed in the handbook, amounting to a minimum of six credit points and with a minimum of two credit points at each of levels 2 and 3 of the course.
Mature-age/non-school leaver
You are a mature-age/non-school leaver if you are:
  • an Australian or New Zealand citizen, an Australian permanent resident or hold an Australian permanent humanitarian visa
  • not currently studying an Australian or overseas Year 12 qualification
  • studying an overseas Year 12 qualification
  • enrolled at a tertiary institution and want to transfer to a course at Deakin
School of Medicine
Deakin's Mentoring Partnership Program (MPP) facilitates partnerships between mentors and mentees for a fixed period of time for the purpose of providing guidance and direction primarily to support the Mentee's career development, performance and personal growth.
Metadata is data (distinct pieces of information, formatted in a particular way) about data. Metadata describes the content of the electronic file with which it is associated, how, when and by whom that particular set of data was collected, and how the data is formatted. Metadata is useful for locating and understanding information stored electronically.
A discrete part of certain units i.e. a unit may comprise a number of modules.
Deakin's standard and supported web browsing software.

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