campus code
B = Burwood (Melbourne)
F = Waterfront (Geelong)
G = Waurn Ponds (Geelong)
S = used to denote the Waterfront (Geelong) in Callista.
W = Warrnambool
X = Cloud (online) previously known as off campus
Commonwealth Assistance Notice
Carrick Awards (ALTC)
Australian Learning and Teaching Council awards (previously known as Carrick awards)
Commonwealth Accommodation Scholarship
Centre for Citizenship and Human Rights. A research centre within the Faculty of Arts and is part of the Citizenship and Globalisation  Research Priority Area.
Commonwealth Education Costs Scholarship
census date
The date on which enrolments in a unit are finalised. It is the last date on which an eligible student can:
  • apply for HECS-HELP, FEE-HELP or SA-HELP
  • withdraw from a unit without being liable for the tuition fees or student contributions (domestic students) or for the full tuition fee (international students); or for the Student Services and Amenities Fee (if applicable
  • withdraw from the unit without a reference appearing on their academic transcript.
Chief Executive Officer
Course Experience Questionnaire (survey)
All copies of documentation supplied in support of an application to the University must be certified (or notarised) as a true copy of the original by an appropriate signatory (for example, by a Justice of the Peace, dentist, doctor or pharmacist, solicitor or barrister, registered chartered accountant, bank manager, Member of Parliament, Local Councillor, full-time school or tertiary teacher of a least five years service, or if you are overseas, by a person authorised to certify/notarise documents in your own country or by one of Deakin's approved international recruitment agents).
Cloud (online) mode
The dominant mode of delivery is through the University's online environment. There may or may not be compulsory contact hours online. In some Units, students may be required to attend an event such as an exam or an assessment at a designated physical site.
CloudDeakin is Deakin University's cloud learning environment.
Configuration Management DataBase
Campus Maintenance and Operations
Confirmation of enrolment
Collusion occurs when a student obtains the agreement of another person for a fraudulent purpose with intent to obtain an advantage in submitting an assignment or other work.
combined courses
An approved combination of courses, taken simultaneously, which leads to the conferral of two awards.
The ability to perform a specified task, usually involving a combination of technical skill, knowledge or understanding, and attitude or outlook.
discrete segment of study which makes up a part of a unit
The awarding of a degree or honour.
contact time
The weekly timetabled lecture, tutorial, workshop or practical work sessions approved for each unit or component of a course.
One or more units that must be completed by a student prior to or simultaneously with a particular unit before the student's enrolment in that unit will be regarded as effective. These are generally specified in the handbook.
A set of units approved by the Academic Board, comprising credit points to a particular value which, when satisfactorily completed by a student, usually entitles that student to the award of the appropriate certificate, diploma or degree. A complete body of prescribed studies that make up a curriculum.
course completion
The satisfactory completion of the specified number and sequence of units (including prescribed or elective units) which usually entitle a student to an award of the University.
course grouped units
Units approved by a faculty board as being central to the course leading to the award of a degree, diploma or certificate.
Credit for prior learning: The recognition of knowledge, skills, attitudes or other attributes that have been acquired through uncredentialled or other informal learning. Credit for prior learning may be awarded at the faculty's discretion, in the form of specified or unspecified credit. The term used for CPL at Deakin in policy etc. is advanced standing.
Continuous quality improvement
credit point
A measure of workload. One credit point represents one-quarter of a full-time student's normal workload during a trimester.
credit transfer
The transfer of credit to a Deakin award for completed or partially completed studies in other accredited or credentialled programs.
Deakin University is a registered provider on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). As a registered provider the University must clearly identify the University's name and CRICOS number in written marketing and other material for prospective international students, including material in electronic form. This applies to all materials used by the University and its partners and agents whether operating overseas or in Australia. For this reason all advertising, publications, brochures, course flyers, letters, emails, web pages, etc which may be received by prospective international students whether in hard copy or electronic form, must display the following: Deakin University CRICOS Provider Number: 00113B
Customer relationship management system
cross-institutional enrolment
Formerly "complementary enrolment".  An enrolment approved in advance by a faculty, in units or components offered at another institution which, on successful completion, will be credited towards an award of the University.  Enrolment at the University in units or components which, on successful completion, will be credited towards an award of another institution is also a form of cross-institutional enrolment.

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