Working at Deakin

Information about working at Deakin, employing and recruiting staff, remuneration, staff development and wellbeing.

Salary and conditions

Discover your conditions of employment, including details of salary and leave

Lifestyle and benefits

Deakin staff benefits include child care, fitness, health insurance, travel clubs, family friendly leave provisions and flexible working arrangements.

Staff development

Deakin provides many opportunities for staff to pursue further studies and professional development

Employing and recruiting staff

Forms and processes to help you through the process of recruitment, job design, evaluation, planning and induction, supervising casual staff, time sheets and honorary appointments

Performance and reward management

Our performance management processes and opportunities help you meet your full potential. Staff recognition includes service and performace awards, bonuses, promotions and professional support

Equity and diversity

We value diversity, enable access and promote inclusion - information, training and support around discrimination and sexual harassment, and disability services

Occupational health and safety

Browse information about our OHS management system, accident and hazard reporting, emergency management, WorkCover and more.

HR information and reporting

HR reports, ad hoc report requests, access to HRMS and user guides

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